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Looking For A Fast House Sale?

Here at Yourhouseman.com we don’t just agree to buy your home fast because that is the Business we are in. No, we always ensure a quick house sale is the right solution for you and that you have looked at all the alternatives before agreeing to a fast sale of your home.

So here are a few words of advice on how to sell a house fast….

Recently there has been an increase in the amount of homeowners who are opting to work with companies that can offer a quick sale rather than putting their homes on the open market. This is mainly due to these people being in financial trouble such as being left with two mortgages to pay after a family member has passed away, an increase in mortgage payments, divorce or a general change in circumstances that brings with it a new financial position. These companies that offer a quick sale can often seem like a knight in shining amour coming to help you out of a very nasty situation! Of course these companies do not offer or pay the full valuation price, however after the estate agency fees and legal fees etc. that you would pay on the open market, there isn’t too much of a big difference in the amount of money that you would actually receive.

The little time that an arrangement like this takes makes it very appealing to people, particularly those facing great financial constraints. The average time taken to sell real estate can take anything up to and beyond six months, whereas using a company like Yourhouseman, the whole process can take as little as 15 days! Going through with a company like Yourhouseman.com and accepting our offer of a quick property sale also means that the proposed sale is then guaranteed as we will never back out of the deal once it has been agreed. Most of the time, once you have provided all of the relevant details we have the ability to make you an offer within 24 hours.

When dealing with Yourhouseman.com for a quick sale, there is also no fear of any hidden charges and expenses that seem to crop up all over the place with a standard house sale. For instance, any legal fees that are incurred from the sale of your home are covered by us and nothing will be taken from your profits of the sale. The valuation will also be paid for by the company, yet again saving you the burden of any extra costs involved in a simple and quick sale.

People need to sell quickly their Property for a lot of reasons – chains break, financial problems such as repossession, upsizing, downsizing, divorce, probate problems. These are just some of the reasons for a fast house sale, but lets look at the process of selling.

How To Sell Your Property Fast

The outlook for house prices is looking pretty tough at the moment but not as bad as it was this time last year. Despite several months of inactivity some so called experts are predicting the market may pickup in the next 18 months. This is great news for buyers who are trying to save a deposit for a home, but not great if you are planning to sell. So what can you do to increase your chances of a fast property sale?

The Asking Price

Very important, did I say this is critical? It is tempting to go with the highest valuation you receive, but you really do need to be realistic. Check the prices on similar properties in your area. While the national house price index can give you a good idea of market trends, some areas have performed better than others. Know your competition and sell for less!

Estate Agents

Yes that breed but remember you don’t have to sell your home through an estate agent, but if you do go down this route estate agentsremember to choose carefully. This is always important, especially in a slow market where your home is not going to sell itself. Ask friends, work colleagues and neighbours for recommendations and look for agents selling properties similar to your own. Make sure you ask three or even more Agents to come and give you a valuation. Choose one who is enthusiastic about selling. Find out where you as the client will be marketed and make sure the Estate Agent markets on websites such as Rightmove and Primelocation.

Don’t pay too much commission, shop around as this is a very competitive market but don’t always go for the cheapest. Don’t accept the agent’s first quote without seeing if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Ask if the agent can match cheapest agent, or go for a compromise. A fraction of a per cent on a sale can amount to a lot of money.

Get Organised

This is crucial. Collect all the files containing all the documents to do with your home. Include any guarantees regarding the property, gas and electrical certificates, council tax bills and any other documentation you have. Your solicitor will need everything and possibly more! Identification proof is also essential so dig out your passport and recent utility bills with the names of those on the mortgage. Always do this in advance and you will be ready to move quickly when the time comes.

Spend Money

Spend time and sometimes money on your home so it looks appealing to any would be buyer. Prepare for a viewings. Keep rooms tidy, stay on top of all those little housekeeping tasks. A cluttered household may create the impression that there is not enough storage.

Improve your home …now is the time to get those “little jobs” done but don’t redecorate the entire property, but do fix what is obviously damaged. Take a long look at all the rooms in your home as they may need some serious cosmetic repairs doing. A lick of paint does perform wonders! Avoid bright colours in favour of a quick coat of neutral paint. Not everyone has your taste in the latest wallpaper or satin red! Remember it’s all about first impressions. Ensure the front of your home looks appealing, tidy the garden and clean the windows! If you live in a flat, do your best to make sure the communal areas are well kept. If they look tired and dirty it will appear that the building is not well maintained.


If your property is still on the market after a long time you may need to revisit the asking price or query the Estate Agent techniques. Agents pass the fees onto the seller and you are therefore at the mercy of their time-table. If your house isn’t an “easy sell” it may take weeks or months and this is where Fast Sale Companies find their niche. Companies like YourHouseman who provide a guaranteed sale no matter where it is or what state the Real Estate is in.

Stress of selling through as Estate Agent

Historically the trend of a private sale of Real Estate is historically a procedure to sell fast without involving the middleman popularly known as the estate agent. It may be extremely stressful to sell your home through an Estate Agent because of following reasons.

It would include an additional cost

For cutting costs people have started selling privately. An estate agent may charge an average of two percent of the agreed sale price.

It results in multiple agency contracts

In case one tends to work with multiple estate agents to increase the chance of a sale and as a result estate agencies tend to charge higher fees to accommodate such a process. This is not true with personal sales. Sellers can advertise on all private sale websites that are available.

Consumer may be exploited by estate agents

Many estate-agents exploited the marketplace for the period of the property boom. Their charges went up considerably, though their service didn’t essentially improve. In actual fact, it almost certainly got poorer as they were spoilt with consumers.

It results in ambiguous communication

Although it may not be true to say that estate agents will twist the truth or fail to remember essential information but there is reduced chance of confusion as the constituents of Chinese whispers is avoided. Furthermore, one has the benefit of being able to analyze himself or herself about the seriousness of the buyer.

It prevents complicated process required to sell house fast

Although Estate Agents are there for a hassle free sale and making the procedure of buying or selling od Real Estate easy. But it is debatable aspect that do they really make the procedure easy.

It sometimes creates lots of pressure

Estate agents wish for a quick sale and that is generally at any cost. The faster they complete a sale, the faster they will get their commission. Therefore it is not a surprising fact that many estate agents will try to apply pressure to a seller so they agree to a less than perfect offer.

There are various alternatives to Estate Agents these days and that may be to register with private sale websites or Companies that offer a fast sale of your home. This is has increased consumer choice compared to earlier times when the usual step to purchase or sell a property involved going through an estate agent. That was the past whilst the present is totally different because of internet traders making it extremely easy for sellers and buyers.

I Need A Fast Property Sale

The decrease in property values over the last few years has made it difficult for a distressed homeowner to sell in a depressed market.property decline
Selling under normal circumstances can be a painful experience. But how do you sell when you are behind on payments, repossession is coming soon, and the mortgage is more than the house is worth?

The answer is by working with a team of Property Professionals like those working here at Yourhouseman.com who have bags of experience selling domestic Properties fast. These professionals can come up with many different strategies to buy in any condition, negotiate with the bank, and make an offer to buy without you having to spend a penny. We know the pain of selling and we understand the current market and can provide you with all the available options in selling your house quickly.

In the end, the key to selling quickly is to seek an experienced real estate professional with a large and experienced team. Most people, when selling under a stressful situation are not aware of all the options that professionals can offer. This is where Yourhouseman can help.