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How To Sell Real Estate Quickly… A Fast Sale in Thirty Days

With the new real estate purchase service from Yourhouseman  you can sell your house quickly. Please take note of the tips of our experts and read what else you have to pay attention to when selling your home. Here we go…

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4 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Quickly:

1. Find the right contact person
2. The visit: it should go
3. This is how the house sells
4. Do not want to give up the home

Tip 1: Find the right contact person

You have several possibilities to find contact persons for your house sales. Here you can contact both real estate brokers, real estate buyers or private buyers. Brokers usually charge a commission, but they sell (in most cases) very quickly their house. With private buyers you save the commission, however, you have to take care of the ads (online + print) as well as all legal procedures. This procedure can be very stressful. Think about whether you have the time or the leisure to organize the entire sales process.

This is the reason why we have launched the Yourhouseman website: is UK’s most efficient real estate acquisition service in the country. Through the contact form, we will send you information about their properties and ask for a free consultation or visit date.

Tip 2: This should happen during the inspection

First and foremost, it is a question of jointly defining the appropriate date of the house visit. Both parties should allow themselves time for the appointment – nothing worse than stressed business partners. In the run-up to the visit, you should give the buyer all the necessary information about the house, best summarized in a real estate exposé or a buyer’s wallet.

During the appointment the house should be analyzed very precisely. In addition, you should go through the exposé in detail and, in addition to the purchase price, also mention possible costs for renovation work.

How we do it: At Yourhouseman, we take every information that is accessible to us about the properties that we need to buy. Basic data such as the condition of the house, its location as well as the purchase prices of the properties in the neighborhood form the basic data of our evaluation. In conclusion, you will receive a 14-day purchase offer tailored to your needs.

Tip 3: The buying and buying process: you should pay attention

We always recommend that salespeople conduct the purchase process exclusively through a third party solicitor. This provides maximum transparency in the sales process and both parties are hedged. Please make sure that all appointments are properly coordinated with notaries, attorneys and reviewers. Please also clarify who bears the costs for these dates, or how you want to split the costs.

The Yourhouseman method: In order to guarantee you absolute security in the purchase process, the agreed purchase price is deposited in advance by us in a secure account. Thus the money is kept securely and the transfer is made after clarification of all background and all signatures.

Tip 4: Do not want to give up the home

You want to sell your house to get money quickly, but still want to stay in your house – so rent it back? As the only real estate purchase service in the United Kingdom, we offer you this opportunity: With us you can sell your house quickly and then rent it back in the short or long term. You can find more information here .