Our Promise and Principles

“We want to make YourHouseMan an outstanding customer service Business in the way we communicate with our customers and how we deliver our services. We always strive to manage our Business in an ethical way whilst providing outstanding customer support….”


buy and sell property ethicsEthical Business practice is one of the guiding principles of YourHouseMan.com. We are committed to ethical Business conduct and we expect the highest standards of integrity to be followed by all employees when ever work is undertaken. Our vision is to be the most highly respected company in the industry, and this is dependent upon how all employees behave. Our core values demand us to be enthusiastic, open and honest, and to be proactive, committed and safe. By fully complying with this Code of Conduct and by living our core values, we hope our vision will become a reality.

YourHouseMan provide a comprehensive set of solutions individually tailored towards what is best for the seller and their needs. We maintain ethical standards and always strive to provide a high standard of service when dealing with our clients in a respectful, honest and professional manner.

To this end we maintain five Professional and Ethical Standards.  These are aimed towards providing clarity for a clients and also sets out a Framework of how we do Business;

Our Principles


Always Provide A High Standard Of Service To The Client

We will go to great lengths to keep our commitments. Always ensure the client receives the best possible advice, support or performance under the Terms of Conditions that have been agreed to. This is fundamental to Business and must be adhered to at all times.

Act With Integrity At All Times

Maintain the highest standards of Integrity in all our Business Relationships. Be honest, straightforward and above all act in an ethical way when dealing with the client.

Take Responsibilty For Your Actions

Be accountable for your actions at all times.  Never blame others if things go wrong and always be prepared to take action if you believe something is wrong.

Act In A Way That Promotes Trust Within The Business

We will act in a manner that promotes the Business in a Professional and Positive way.  Always look for the best possible solution for the client and provide alternatives wherever possible when dealing with solutions.

Always Treat Clients With Respect

We will be open and direct in our communications. Always treat everyone with patience, courtesy, politeness and respect and consider cultural and Business practices at all times.

The Personal Touch

YourHouse Man is an independent private family run Business and we believe it is important that you offer the customer a very personal service.

We are only a small team of property professionals, but we are able to offer you more flexibility than our larger more corporate competitors. So it is well worth talking to us if you are looking for that something extra and more understanding when looking to sell your house fast.

We take great pride in our ability to understand our customers needs, someone who will listen to you and offer you the personal service, care and support at every stage of the process.

As important to our tailored first class service is to ensure that we provide nothing less than a superb customer service experience.

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