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YourHouseman have an unrivaled reputation for delivering solutions that work and in most cases we are able to buy your home in 30 days or less. Sell a house fast with

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We don’t just look to buy Real Estate; we make sure that a quick sale is the right solution for you. To this end we work closely with our clients and together find the best solution that works for your needs.


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Why Choose YourHouseMan?

why choose us to sell a house will purchase any home, in any condition, anywhere in the UK

We will buy your home for cash and you will pay no valuation or legal fees. You can sit back and relax whilst we pay you to to sell your home. Providing you with piece of mind in the knowledge that you are guaranteed a fast sale at a fair price.

Our aim is to provide a stress free sale whilst working towards a solution that is best for you. We are able to offer debt advice, stop repossessions and are even able to help you if you are stuck in negative equity on your home.

Will  use all reasonable endeavours to offer you a quick sale which meets your needs. However, you must be are that certain aspects of the transaction are fundamental to any proposed sale and as such much be taken in to account when making an offer. Importantly, the value of your home, the amount of equity, by this we mean the amount of value left over once the amount of you mortgage has been deducted. This will include any other financial obligations other than your mortgage. The offer made on this website is subject to a RICS survey to verify the value of you property and any offer made may be re-evaluated once the true value has been established. We will also pay all your legal fees up to a maximum of £800.

The offer made is therefore not legally binding and does not form part of a contract. is a leader in the UK Fast Property Market and is possibly the Countries premier company of choice for solving those real tough Real Estate problems. With years of trading experience in the Real Estate market we use our expertise and experience to answer all of your questions and creatively solve any problems you may have. Our expert services can help you achieve your goals in terms. If you are a home owner who is in need a quick sale, no matter the condition, situation you find yourself in or location we can help. We deal with all kinds of Real Estate issues, including distressed properties, bank-owned properties, repossessions, vacant housing, probate and more. If you are asking yourself, “How can I sell my house quickly”, then we can help you. If you are in a real dilemma, not knowing which way to turn and are simply looking for quick answers, we can provide the solutions for you.

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customer supportWe can help you through the entire process and will always keep you informed every step of the way. Your priorities are what drives us to achieve an outcome you are satisfied with

A Fast Sale Without The Hassle

fast sale no hassleWe can Exchange in 7 days and complete the sale of your home in 30 days or less. Whatever works best for you we can complete at a time of your choosing

 We Deliver On Our Promises

Selling Properties fast is a slow process

A homeowners nightmare. You need a fast sale and the Estate Agents promise the earth but fail to deliver. You continue to pay the mortgage and after a few months the Estate Agent suggest you drop the asking price! So not only have you wasted money paying the mortgage but now you face the prospect of selling for far less than expected.

Yourhouseman can deliver a quick house sale within thirty days or less and will never reduce the price offered. A completely stress free service ensuring you get the money as soon as is possible. Not only do you avoid waiting around for months with a promise of a sale which never happens, but you never need to worry about a troupe of so called buyers walking around your property. There will also be no for sale sign outside the front so privacy is assured. Your business is your business and we understand that.

So if you are looking for a fast sale without broken promises contact us today and it won’t cost you a penny. Nothing, just a promised quick sale at a time that suits you

Simple Terms Make It East To Get Started

fast sale no feesNo difficult forms to fill out. Absolutely no fees to pay and we will buy your house in any condition. We will even pay your legal fees upto a total of £800. Simple as that

We Buy Any Property In Any Condition

buy any property in any conditionWe buy houses, flats even apartments anywhere in the United Kingdom and have the cash. Always looking to buy in your area right now

 We Believe Money Talks

A cash sale everytime

Avoid Companies that offer to buy properties quickly but don’t have the capital available to buy. These websites look for investors to buy Real Estate and this alone can add weeks if not months on to the buying process. Here at Yourhouseman we have the ability to offer you a fast sale because we have the funds to complete the sale as fast as the buying process allows. No wasting time, no looking for third party investors, just a quick valuation, a no obligation offer and a straight forward sale at a time that suits you.

We assign a dedicated resource to each and every client to ensure we can offer the right service to you. No automated process but a bespoke service tailored towards every situation. We always consider your individual needs and will only offer to buy your home if we feel this is the right solution for you.

You may have also heard about other website withdrawing fro the buying process at the last minute or attempting to renegotiate their offer at the last minute. Not us, we will never let you down and never change our offer at and that is our guarantee.

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