Broken Chain And Need A Fast Property Sale?

The moving date has arrived, everything is packed, the paperwork is finished and you are looking forward to moving to your new home. The phone rings and… your solicitor delivers the devastating news….



Broken Chain And Need A Fast Property Sale?Nothing more strikes fear in to the heart of a seller than a broken chain. If this was to happen to you before contracts are exchanged there is usually nothing more a seller can do other than except the worse, the loss of that dream home.

A report by the National Association of Estate Agents has warned that Property sellers are more likely to experience this heart break as Property prices tumble resulting from the cooling off of the UK housing market.

This, amongst other things, is what makes the process of buying and selling houses in England and Wales a very stressful time.

Some of the main reasons why these chains are breaking as often as they are is because someone in the chain is unable to get finance for their purchase or a first time buyer at the bottom on the chain gets nervous and pulls out, or is unable to raise the huge deposits the Mortgage lenders are demanding these days.

Whatever the reasons the knock on effect can cause heartache and stress to all involved.

How we can help

Here at we have the ability to remove this stress and uncertainty and allow you the seller to complete on your sale and finally purchase that Property you have set your heart on. Once we have agreed on a price we can push a sale through very quickly allowing you to complete on time.

We can make you a guaranteed offer for your home with no risk of pulling out, subject to contract and valuation. You can then move forward with your plans with the piece of mind that your property is sold.


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