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Divorce - Fast House SaleGetting divorced isn’t easy. This will be a very difficult time in both of your lives and with it will come many negative emotions.  Some of these emotions can cause stress that will interfere with your ability to function in your everyday lives.

You need to learn how to relax and let go of the stress and focus on taking one step at a time.  One stress we can help you with is finding a buyer for your homr and we can take you through this process and help you decide what’s best for you.

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Placing Real Estate on the market with an Estate Agent brings uncertainty as it could take many months to find a buyer.  The Property Market is still trying to recover from a double-dip recession and as a result open market sales are very slow. Even finding a buyer can take months and if you are lucky enough to find an interested party there is often a significant delay between an offer and an Exchange of Contracts.

During this stressful time you will both be responsible for the mortgage payments, insurance policies and general upkeep of the property.  You may even need to rent another place whilst you are waiting to find a buyer and this is an additional expense you could both do without.

Dividing up what you own. Dividing assets fairly – from Real Estate to possessions. A Business to pets, pensions, investments and inheritances.

Here at Yourhouseman.com we can buy in just THIRTY DAYS and help you both move on quickly.  We have no preference on where we buy so wherever your Property is located in the UK and no matter what state of repair it is in, we can make you a competitive offer. We can provide you with an offer for your home in just TEN MINUTES and if you agree to sell to us we can issue a written offer in TWO DAYS, following one viewing.  You can have the CASH in your hands in ONE MONTH and be free to move on with your lives.

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