Financial Difficulties

financial problems How To Sell A House FastYou may be facing financial problems so need advice on how to sell a house quickly? BUT….Remember no debt problem is terminal… there is always a way, a solution to your financial problems and here at we work with you to find that solution. It might not be easy and it may take time but we can help point you in the right direction.

There are many people who are facing financial problems these days because of rising debt and mortgage payments. People get into the vicious circle of debts because they borrow too much without taking their repayment abilities into account.

You may have borrowed large amounts of money to buy your house when credit was easily available and now with the collapse of the housing market and the UK economy going through a double, possibly triple dip recession, you may find yourself burdened with too much debt.  Mortgage payments have risen and you may have used credit cards to get you through.  But now it is those credit card bills that are too much and now your considering remortgaging to once again get you through hoping that the situation will improve.  It won’t and by remortgaging you are risking losing your home and being left with nothing.

The only secure way to tackle you debts is to take action now and reduce those monthly outgoings.  One solution is to use that equity in your home to pay off your debts and move on. This is where can help because we are looking to purchase all types of properties in your area right now, ready to buy in cash in THIRTY DAYS.  Just one month to clear you debts and move on.

No Equity. We Can Help

Here at we work with the seller(s) to find the solution that is right for you. We pride ourselves on offering many different solutions to the many problems our sellers face and one of the most challenging problems is that of a home with very little or no equity.

When you are faced with this situation you can not sell to release equity so what can you do? Yourhouseman can offer a way out of this problem… LEASE OPTIONS.

With Lease Options we will take over your mortgage payments including the maintenance of your home until we can buy in the future. Once an agreement is reached, which could be in as little as SEVEN days, you can move out and leave the rest to us! We will instruct an independent specialist solicitor to act on your behalf and also pay all your legal fees. We then agree a time frame whereby we have the OPTION to buy your Property at an agreed price and until that date you LEASE of us. A win-win solution to the problem!


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Having a roof over your head is one of life’s basic needs… When there is a threat that this will be taken away, it is property repossessionunderstandable that many people panic, get very stressed, worried and consumed with fear. They don’t know what to do or where to turn and the prospect of having to deal with lenders, solicitors and/or judges at court seems all too daunting.

Why not use that fear of losing your home as your motivation to act? That’s right, the most important thing you can do if you are facing repossession is to take some action and/or get help. If you do nothing then you will lose your home. So, take action NOW and you give yourself a great chance of keeping a roof over your head.

If the worst happens and you get repossessed, your name will be added to the Repossessions Register and all the major credit agencies will be notified. This will result in your credit rating being adversely affected. Very few if not ALL mortgage lenders will not want to lend to anyone who has been repossessed so you may never qualify for another loan or mortgage again.

You and your family will lose your home and have to move out and find alternative accommodation.  Renting will more than likely be your ONLY option going forward and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  When the economy finally recovers the interest rates will begin rising once again so it is definitely in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to stop repossession before it becomes too late.

Worried About Repossession?

Wait! – lets be clear.. we can stop repossession right now and at any stage during the process.

Have you been served with a repossession notice? Are you worried about the ever increasing debts? Does the future look uncertain? Where can you go, what can you do? Sometimes the only available option left is to release the equity tied up in your home.

Repossessions can happen very quickly and the delays and uncertainties associated with Estate Agents do not allow for a quick resolution to your problem. Here at Yourhouseman there are no delays and uncertainties. We are able to move very quickly and will manage the process from start to finish relieving the pressure and stress associated with such a difficult time. We can buy, in any condition, anywhere in the UK so make sure you release the equity so you can avoid repossession.

Repossession – a dilemma you could end today

Perhaps you have found a repossession notice in your mailbox? Are your financial obligations increasing from one month to another? Have you got the slightest idea concerning what is going to occur within the up coming couple of months? And how could you be free from this situation without being a tenant or, even worse, a homeless?

You need to realise that you’re really on the brink of sacrificing your possessions if you don’t elect to sell quickly.

Understand how a quick sale could end the nightmare of repossession you might be living in now.

What could lead to repossession?

Should you be dealing with financial difficulties and you are unable to pay the home loan any longer, then you’re facing with getting your home foreclosed, whether you own a house, a flat or even an apartment.

The worse news is that you may be in threat of foreclosure even when you don’t have any mortgage on your home but you have other debts. If you are struggling to repay them, the people or companies to who you owe money might register your financial troubles as a judgment mortgage against your home to be able to recover their funds. A distressing prospect, if you feel about what may happen with you and your family.

What are the dangers?

The most unfavorable result of being foreclosed is losing your own home over the lender or debtor. Yourself and your family will forfeit your home and have to move out and locate alternative lodging, the most likely choice is leasing or renting. Therefore it is definitely in your greatest interest to undertake what ever is critical to prevent foreclosure before it’s far too late.

How could you wake up and meet your dreams?

How you deal with the challenge of repossession could make a big difference in your world. Essentially, you have a couple of options at this time. First, you can just nothing, but certainly your nightmare won’t have a happy end. Yourself and your family are likely to lose your home eventually.

Second, you can release the equity. If you are a little baffled right at this moment, you ought to know that there are experts who can help you with this, such as They could move quickly and can manage the process from start to finish. They could purchase your home within just thirty days or less you are able to move on with your life to find another residence anywhere in the UK. You will then have a brand new roof over your head in a matter of days should you release the equity in order avoid repossession.

You could contact today and we can help you and save yourself from repossession. Their specialists cab help you halt the process at any stage. And also by that I mean they could go to court in order to validate a deal that has been made on your property. Don’t waste anymore time and money, save your residence now.

Why not contact Yourhouseman today. We specialise in helping people like yourself to avoid repossession. We can help you stop the process at any stage even if that means attending court to confirm an offer on your Property.